Another feather in your hat

Hello lovelies! Today I thought I would share a tutorial for a simple card, that looks amazing and really shows you care. I’ve made a few feather cards lately and found they are great for thank yous, birthdays and even get well cards. They aren’t overly ‘in your face’ but nice, simple, elegant cards.

Feather card

So here we go!

For this card you will need the following materials:

  • 2 x Adhesive foam squares
  • White paper to print your message on (or preprinted, handwritten, whatever works for you!)
  • Glue
  • Twine
  • I also use a regular stock standard hole punch from Kmart
  • 1 x Owl Punch (Stampin’ Up), OR any other sized punches you have (different sizes add a little bit of interest, but the exact size of them isn’t as important!)
  • 1 x Circle punch (mine is a 1.5cm circle punch from Typo)
  • 2 x patterned papers (one for each feather) that contrast nicely when placed together. (I like green and pink together, or one plain-ish colour paired with a more busy pattern… Kaisercraft are great for these! I pick up patterned paper pads for $5 on sale at the outlet store at University Hill).
  • 1 x plain grey card measuring 10cm x 14cm and a small strip (roughly 2cm x 7cm) if you are making your own greeting for the card
  • 1 x 14.5cm x 10.5cm (when folded) white card (Kmart has 50 for $5.50!)

Supplies needed

  1. First thing is to print out this feather pattern. Cut the feather shapes out, this forms your template.
  2. Place your template on the back side of the patterned paper. Use a pencil to lightly trace the template onto the patterned paper. Then, cut out the traced feathers (I use a scalpel but you can use plain ordinary scissors if that is what you have). You don’t have to worry about making a little mistake or being a little messy either – feathers are all different! When I’m making a large batch of these cards I still make little indentations in different places to make each feather unique. Don’t throw out the offcuts of the paper just yet though, you’ll need that a little later on.DSCN7765
  3. Once you have the (pretty) feathers, you can glue them together. I like to have them on a slight angle so that more of them is showing under the greeting later on.DSCN7779
  4. Next, cut a small piece of twine. Now I know small isn’t an exact measurement, but you only need enough so that you can (gently!) wrap the twine around the stems of your paper feather and tie two knots. Once you’re done trim the twine so there is only between 1-1.5cm twine on each side of the knots.DSCN7781DSCN7783
  5. Punching circles is next. I use the offcuts of the patterned paper we kept aside earlier to punch a range of different size circles using my punches listed earlier. For each card I punch 1 regular sized circle (1.5cm), 2 large circles from my owl punch, and two small, regular hole punch circles. This is no hard and fast rule though! You could use different shapes, different sizes – anything that takes your fancy!DSCN7785
  6. Next thing to organise is your greeting. Don’t forget you can either make your own, or use one that is already made, the choice is yours. For the purposes of this tutorial, I’m going to explain quickly how I make my own for these cards. I start with my trusty computer in Microsoft Word. Not fancy, but easy to use. I start by typing the greeting I want to place on my card, then play with the size and font until I find one that I like. Then, press print. Once printed out, you can cut the greeting down as seen below. on the end of the greeting paper, make two cuts in the shape of a triangle. Then, glue the paper onto the grey strip you saved when you were cutting your grey card to size. Trip down the grey so that there is a consistent border around the white paper. Then, following the triangle you cut earlier, cut another triangle into the grey this time, making sure that you allow for a consistent border of grey even on these edges. Now you have a mini banner ready for your card. DSCN7787DSCN7788DSCN7789DSCN7791
  7. Assembling time, woohoo! I always find this part exciting, seeing everything come together and looking adorable. First you want to glue the grey card onto the front of your white folded card. Simple! Next step is working out where you want to place your feathers. I like to place them on the left side of the card, but you could align them to the centre, to the right, anywhere you like. Once you find a spot you like, you can glue the feathers down. Next, take the greeting that you created in the previous step and stick the two adhesive foam squares on the back. Work out where you’d like the greeting to sit, peel off the sticky backs and place that on the card. Again, this can be placed anywhere depending on preference, but I like to place mine over the feathers and across the centre of the card. Once the greeting is stuck down, you can start playing with the circles you’ve cut. It’s better to play around first and find positions you’re 100% happy with and then glue rather than be stuck with circles in positions you don’t like. So play around, move them here and there, see what it would look like for that circle to be over here. Once you find a configuration you like, just glue down the circles.DSCN7793DSCN7795DSCN7798Feather card
  8. Guess what? Your card is done! That pretty card sitting in front of you – you made that!

One of the great things about this card is that it can be customised for ANY event just by changing the greetings, colours or shapes. It could read Merry Christmas and use red and green or happy birthday with the favourite colours of the birthday boy/girl used. The possibilities are endless. You should also keep in mind that these are a card that is super easy to make in bulk. I make about 6 at a time of each colour combination. It doesn’t take much more time to cut and punch, but you’ll have many more cards at the end, sitting there ready to go.


I hope you enjoy making this card, and I hope your recipients love them too! 🙂

Here’s another link to my template just in case you missed it during the post! Download me! 


Just what the Doctor ordered


What is the best cure for a cold, flu or broken leg? Well, medical attention of course. But what’s the second best cure? A cute doctor get well card!

I make these cards with a variety of different hair colours, and have made them with a purple theme or floral theme before. Each one is different, which I love. Everyone gets a one of a kind creation to brighten their day a little.

Happy crafting!

-Candice 🙂